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WDM Pumps It is a manufacturer of water pumps and pressure systems originating and American technology. Their presence in Colombia dates back to 1961. We currently export to Central and South America and we have plants installed in Argentina, Mexico, Panama and Guatemala.


Success WDM Pumps in the market it is based on its design, quality and support. We have a team of engineers and technicians specialized in the development and manufacture of our products with the most modern machinery ensures excellent quality.

Our organization provides its guests with a specialized sales force that will help find a solution to their needs for water management.


Our products are used in the extraction, driving and lifting water. Its most common applications are the management of drinking water, rainwater and sewage, desinundaciones, grain processing, water in buildings, carwash, machinery and stables, increased pressure in supply lines, Firefighting, sprinkler irrigation, mining, recirculation of water in swimming pools and cooling towers, Water treatment plants, drains and general construction.

Nowadays WDM Pumps EG Corporation belongs to the business group., Mexican company with recognized manufacturing companies like WDM pumps Pumps INC. y Ruhrpumpen INC. in United States; Ruhrpumpen S.A. The C.V., Deming, Worthington Mexico, and Nassa Johnston in Mexico; and Ruhrpumpen GMBH in Germany.

This integration greatly expanded the range of pump lines offered to meet the needs of managing large-scale water in aqueducts, petrochemical and fishing industries, wastewater treatment systems and fireproofing.

Within our portfolio we have spiral pumps, jet, multistage, autocebantes, ANSI, GSM, GSP, sewage and deep well. In addition WDM Pumps, thinking of providing a broader spectrum of possibilities, puts his engines available, electric plants, Hidrolvdors, fumigadoras and full range of accessories.

We also have a spare parts warehouse that supplies your needs entirely.